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At CrossFit Fairfield we offer CrossFit classes at convenient times during the day and Open Gym during other operation hours. This gives our members options to join a coached class, interact with the community, and workout alongside friends in a dynamic environment, or to get a great workout when it's convenient for them. We also offer a bring a friend free Community CrossFit Class every Saturday. This opens our arms to the broader Fairfield community. 

Class and Open Gym Schedule


Monday - Thursday

5:30am, 9:30am & 6pm


5:30am, 9:30am & 4:30pm

CrossFit Community Class

      Saturday: 9:00am

Open Gym

Monday-Sunday: 5am - 10pm when there are no classes scheduled

Young Athlete Development

Monday & Wednesday


Tuesday & Thursday



The CrossFit Journal is the collection of media produced from 2000 on that meticulously lays out the justifcation for the claim that CrossFit is the solution to the World's most vexing problem.


The CrossFit affiliate network is a small business miracle. Tens of thousands of independent businesses all over the world united in helping people become better versions of themselves.

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CrossFit's Education and Training department is where the transferrence of the magic of CrossFit happens.

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The CrossFit Games are a showcase of what a life dedicated to becoming as physically fit as possible can look like.

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