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About CrossFit Fairfield

A CrossFit affiliate focusing on athlete development.

CrossFit Fairfield is a CrossFit affiliate located in Fairfield, OH. Owner, Keith Knapp, started training young athletes in CrossFit regularly out of his garage in 2022, but always envisioned opening a location where he could make the benefits of CrossFit available to more people in the community. Keith and his wife Julianne are parents to four children and are very active in the Sacred Heart community. Being active CrossFit athletes and busy parents is what inspired Keith and Julianne to purse the opening of an affiliate in Fairfield. 


Keith got his own start doing CrossFit out of a garage in 2008 during his senior year as a Cross-Country and Track & Field athlete at Northern Kentucky University. While he grew up playing every sport under the sun, his events in college were the 10k (cross country and track), the steeplechase (track) and pole vault (field). Going into his last track season he wanted to train for the Decathlon, which is when a friend recommended he check out


Keith did "Fran" for the first time with steel weights and used the lip of the I-beam in his garage for pull-ups. It wasn't until 2018 that he stepped foot into a CrossFit affiliate for the first time to participate in the 2018 CrossFit Open. During that time he was also leading a healthcare project in Procter & Gamble's Venture Studio where his research kept pushing him back to The research task was to solve for the fact that everyone wants to feel better, but nobody knows what to do about it. Keith understood that CrossFit was the answer, but it wasn't a "consumer packaged goods" solution. Keith left P&G not long after that project ended. 


In 2022, Keith joined CrossFit, LLC where he worked for 2 years as the Marketing Director. Now he continues to work tirelessly to spread the news that CrossFit is the answer to feeling better for anyone willing to show up and put in the work. You don't have to be fit, you don't have to know all the movements, you don't even have to know what CrossFit is, what the benefits are, or why it's right for you. That's what a coach is for. You just need to show up.

“Learn the mechanics of fundamental movements, establish a consistent pattern of practicing these same movements, and, only then, ratchet up the intensity of workouts incorporating these movements. ‘Mechanics,’ then ‘Consistency,' and then ‘Intensity’ — this is the key to effective implementation of CrossFit programming.” — Greg Glassman

In the video above, Dave Castro - The GM of Education and Sport at CrossFit - reiterates the importance of mechanics, consistency, intensity.


The CrossFit Journal is the collection of media produced from 2000 on that meticulously lays out the justifcation for the claim that CrossFit is the solution to the World's most vexing problem.


The CrossFit affiliate network is a small business miracle. Tens of thousands of independent businesses all over the world united in helping people become better versions of themselves.

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CrossFit's Education and Training department is where the transferrence of the magic of CrossFit happens.

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The CrossFit Games are a showcase of what a life dedicated to becoming as physically fit as possible can look like.

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