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As a coach, the most humbling thing is to have an athlete - or parent, partner or friend of an athlete - tell you what kind of impact you've had on their lives. Service is very much at the heart of what we do at CrossFit Fairfield and hearing about the positive ripples of our work means so much.

Ellen W.

"We are so grateful for everything this gym and Coach Keith provide for our children. The benefits have far exceeded our expectations. Coach Keith treats each child like his own, and truly stands by them through their successes and failures. He pushes the kids with highly motivational intensity, rewarding excitement, and firm accountability. The best money we have invested in our children's health, wellness, and physical fitness. He truly checks off all the boxes."

Jamie C.

"This is a great opportunity! I highly encourage anyone with kids interested in fitness to consider sending them to this training. Keith and Julianne offer a great mix of a push and pull workout. They will push your kids to do more than they thought they could and they will pull out their untapped potential!  They were collegiate athletes that continue to prioritize fitness in their own family. They have both knowledge and compassion to help kids achieve their personal best in body, mind and spirit. I am thankful that [my son] has the opportunity to be coached and trained by them."

Neal R.

"In a society where there are competing values, you could not ask for a better role model for your child than Coach Keith. He pushes your child to reach their maximum potential while maintaining an encouraging growth mindset. My son consistently asks when he is able to train again and I could not have asked for a better introduction to weight training/CrossFit than Coach Keith."

Drew R.

"Coach Keith is incredibly passionate, dedicated, and always there to support me. Thanks to him my fitness journey has become a thrilling adventure. Each session pushes me to my limits, revealing my inner strength. I've not only seen great physical changes, but I've also grown to love the intensity and drive that high-intensity workouts bring to my life."

Carter C.

"I've had the opportunity to work with Coach Keith for the last 3 months. During that time I have strengthened my athleticism as well as gained knowledge about proper training techniques. Beyond that, Coach Keith has inspired me to work hard and give 110% during every workout. Working out may not always seem like fun, but Coach Keith makes it fun." 

Melissa O.

"Keith has been a wonderful instructor, coach, and role model for all my girls. We love how Keith gives the girls as much attention as they need. He pushes them to really challenge themselves with every workout.  My girls love the workout variety. The music, and Keith’s energy and attitude keeps a positive vibe for the whole workout.  Thanks for being patient, encouraging, and inspiring!" 

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